How to Get More Views on Quora

Do you use Quora for marketing? It doesn’t matter how frequently you use it for driving traffic, boosting brand awareness, and connecting with fellow Quora users. If you want to use Quora for marketing purposes, the only thing that matters is engagement and answer views. It is a key metric that determines where your answer will rank and how visible it will be to the readers. If you aren’t sure how to get more views on Quora, this article is for you.

Why Do Quora Views Matter?

Views are an engagement metric. It tells Quora (and its users) how many people have viewed an answer. It matters because it helps Quora rank answers.

Quora has an answer ranking system that ranks answers based on how helpful they’re. Upvotes and downvotes are the key factors that are used to determine answer ranking. But this isn’t the case. The algorithm considers previous answers written by the author and the type and quality of the content.

And this is mainly determined by the answer views-upvotes ratio. Generally, more views mean more upvotes – if your answer is well-written.

However, answers with more upvotes aren’t always ranked high. Here is an example:

quora screenshot

And here is the second-ranked answer with 12 upvotes:

quora upvotes and views

Clearly, views matter a lot when you are answering questions on Quora. Even if upvotes are a key ranking factor, you still need to generate views. Because if nobody views your answer, you won’t generate any upvotes.

How to Get More Views on Quora

There isn’t any formula to get more views on Quora. It depends on several factors. You can’t guarantee a certain number of views for an answer. However, you can reverse engineer and get an idea from top-viewed answers. See what types of answers get views and engagement, and just replicate it.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Here are the best practices that will help you get more views on Quora:

1. Write In-Depth Answers

The most important thing you need to do to increase views on Quora is to write the best answer ever. It must be detailed, well-researched, and informative. Needless to say, longer answers perform better than shorter ones.

When you write a detailed and in-depth answer, it will get a lot of traction. People will love it, and you’ll get upvotes for it. Once your answer receives upvotes, that’s the time when the magic will happen. Quora will push your answer at the top and that’s the position where you’ll generate more views.

Ask yourself: How many times have you scrolled down to read the 10th or 20th answer? I guess never.

Most people read (aka view) the top few answers on Quora and don’t bother scrolling down. This means you must try to reach the top. An epic and detailed answer covering all the aspects of the question will get views and upvotes. And then it will reach the top.

So, how do you write in-depth answers that people will love reading, viewing, and upvoting? Here are a few best practices:

  • Use the 10x content technique to write an answer that’s at least 10x better than the current best answer
  • Add relevant external links to high authority websites
  • Link to other Quora answers, spaces, and your previous answers. Internal links are equally important and show readers that you have done your homework
  • Format answer properly. Add subheadings, bullets, lists, etc. Make it easy for readers to read and scan your answer.

2. Use Relevant Media

Adding relevant media in your answers such as videos and images helps you generate more views and upvotes. Research shows that people who follow directions with both text and illustration perform 323% better than people who follow directions without illustration:

illustration showing that people following direction with text and illustrations dow 323% better than people following instructions without illustrations.

The same goes for video content. Over 54% of people prefer watching more videos from the brands they follow:

Bar graph showing that 54% of consumers want to see video from a brand or business they support

This shows the importance of using images and videos in your Quora answers. Simple plain text (especially when you are writing in-depth answers) will bore readers. Nobody likes looking at chunks of text.

It must be accompanied by relevant media in any form. You can use infographics, PPTs from SlideShare, screenshots, images, stock photos, illustrations, videos, social media snippets, and other types of media.

This will make your answer visually pleasing and more people will prefer reading and upvoting it.

3. Share Personal Experience

Sharing personal stories and life experiences is the best way to make your answer persuasive and interesting. Add a personal touch to every answer you write on Quora. 

Here is an example:

Screenshot of an answer by Josh Fechter on Quora

Josh shared his personal experience instead of simply writing a bookish answer. And it resulted in 4K+ upvotes and 37+ comments.

Here is another example:

Screenshot of an answer on Quora

If you write these types of answers with personal experiences, personal photos, and even dialogues, you’ll generate tons of views. This is what people want to read on Quora. Personal experiences, reviews, testimonials, case studies, and more.

4. Gain Quora Followers

This is a rather indirect approach to getting more views on Quora. Grow your followers. Your followers are notified of all the new answers you post (based on their individual notification/email settings but mostly do have these settings enabled).

So, whenever you post a new answer, your Quora followers who have enabled notifications will be notified of your new answer. These are the first viewers of your answer and are more likely to read your answer and upvote it. Since they’re following you for a reason.

This generates instant views and upvotes to every answer you post. So, start getting more followers on Quora. Read this detailed article on how to get more followers on Quora to get started.

Quality is Everything on Quora

Answer views aren’t everything. Don’t burden yourself.

Your primary job must be to write the best answers (with your heart and soul) and leave the rest on readers. As long as you are adding value to the Quora platform, you’ll generate views organically. However, it might take some time.

The methods covered in this article will help you get views quickly.

Remember, nothing is more important than quality content. It will eventually pay off.

Featured Image: Pexels

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