Jesse Willms

The Jesse Willms Scholarship Program seeks to help out student in need via financial aid. The scholarship is for student in business programs or interested in running/starting their own business.

3 Scholarship Prizes To Be Awarded

Jesse Willms is offering three scholarships for the following amounts:

Jesse Willms Scholarship Program recipient 2021

Jesse Willms, a prominent entrepreneur and business owner, is proud to announce the official winners of his Academic Scholarship Program. After careful consideration, Imanni Wright, Ella Stone, and Christopher Erickson have all been chosen to accept the amounts of $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000 USD.

The Jesse Willms Scholarship Program was put in place to help support students currently pursuing a post-secondary degree in business. All applicants were required to submit a 500-word essay outlining a business idea and their plans to bring it to life. Below are several statements from this year’s three winners:

Thank you so much for the selection! This scholarship has helped me get one step closer to graduating debt free and is especially needed given the hardship of the pandemic on my family.” – Imanni Wright

“It is an absolute honor to be named as a 2021 recipient of the Jesse Willms Scholarship. Please let me express my gratitude for this award.

The Essay

Applicants are required to submit an essay discussing what your idea is for a business and how you would bring it to life?

The application deadline is February 28th, 2021. Good luck to all applicants!