How to Get More Followers on Quora

The biggest challenge digital marketers face is having engaged followers on a platform of their choice. Nothing works better than Quora for marketers. It is a goldmine when used right. It really sucks when you don’t have a decent number of followers on Quora. If you are a serious contestant, the first thing you must work on is getting more followers. This article explores the best practices and techniques on how to get more followers on Quora.

But first…

Why Do Quora Followers Matter?

Quora is a gigantic platform and it often gets hard, especially for new marketers, to stand out from the crowd. Imagine writing an epic answer to a question that’s much better than all the available answers. But your answer doesn’t get the love it deserves. No upvotes. No replies.

This is why you need followers on Quora.

When you write an answer on Quora, your followers are notified of it. This helps you generate instant views, upvotes, comments, and reshares. Your answer will be pushed up in the queue based on its engagement and this means more engagement.

Here is an example. I answered a question on Quora in 2021 and it has 826 views with 4 upvotes:

quora answer screenshot

But it isn’t the top answer. The top answer has 453 views, 5 upvotes, and a comment. And it was posted a month after my answer:

quora screenshot

The reason why it is promoted to top answer is due to engagement (despite having a promotional video in the answer). This is the reason why you need followers on Quora to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Followers don’t bring any monetary value but they boost engagement whether it’s your answer, question, comment, or Quora space.

How to Get More Followers on Quora

I’m not of the view that followers are everything on Quora. No, but followers play a huge role in the success and failure of your Quora marketing campaigns. However, at the end of the day, the value you add and deliver is the key.

Follow these best techniques to get more followers on Quora:

1. Complete Your Profile

This is the first thing you have to do. If you aren’t sure how to make your profile and bio epic on Quora, read this post.

Here are the absolute basics that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Add a profile picture. It must be a real picture of you – and not some avatar
  • Add headline that tells others who you are and why they must follow you
  • Write a compelling description that’s detailed and shares everything about you
  • Add a powerful CTA in introduction with links to social accounts
  • It doesn’t hurt to ask people to follow you towards the end of the introduction.

Here is an example of a great Quora profile:

Quora account bio

All the details you add are visible to Quora users when they hover the cursor over your profile picture:

quora bio popup

Make sure you have added all the details. Nobody will follow a person they don’t know. Updating your profile and keeping it updated will help Quora users find common grounds and might end up following you.

2. Add Social Media Accounts

You can connect your Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts with Quora. You can connect these accounts from Settings > Account:

quora settings

It is recommended to connect your social media accounts especially Facebook and Twitter.


Because Quora will then send a post or tweet (after your permission) whenever you’ll answer a question, post a question, or perform any major activity on Quora. Your friends and followers will be notified and this will help you increase followers on Quora.

Here is a tweet that Quora will publish once you’ll answer a question:

twitter screenshot

This auto-posting helps you generate views, upvotes, and get more followers. A lot of your followers and friends might be using Quora, they might follow you once they know you are active on Quora too.

This helps a lot.

3. Choose a Niche

I emphasize this a lot. I’m sure you’ll know the importance of choosing a niche and getting as focused as possible.

Quora is huge. You might get lost easily especially if you are writing and posting about different things. Instead, pick a niche, follow a few key topics, and try growing in your niche.

As a digital marketing entrepreneur, I have defined my areas of expertise on Quora by selecting marketing topics:

quore screenshot

Quora suggests relevant questions to answer based on my area of expertise:

quora questions for you

Everything is filtered based on the topics I’m following. I don’t see anything else. It keeps me focused and I get highly relevant and specific suggestions from Quora.

It gets easier to become an authority in a niche and a field you are familiar with. Writing consistently about the topics you know will help you stand out from the crowd – leading to more followers.

4. Follow Others on Quora

According to the law of reciprocity, people want to pay back what they receive from others. This is human psychology that we want to return the favor:

law of reciprocity

Put this principle in action and start following Quora members. If you follow someone, it is highly likely that they’ll follow you back. If you want to get more followers on Quora, you must be an authority in your niche. You must be famous and credible.

If you aren’t, you must use the reciprocity principle. Follow others. Build connections and networks. Reshare people’s posts, upvote answers, leave comments, generate conversations, and become an active part of the Quora community.

This is necessary to generate the initial momentum. Once you’ll become an authority, people will follow you without you having to follow them back.

That’s how social platforms work.

Don’t Ignore Quality

As I said, followers aren’t everything on Quora. It is just a part of the platform. Yes, followers’ impact everything because that’s how Quora’s algorithm tracks content engagement and popularity. More followers, more upvotes, comments, and reshares as used as signals to determine the content value and popularity.

Not everything is done by and for the algorithm. Aim for quality content. The answers that are reshared off Quora are reviewed and selected manually by human moderators. So, write for humans.

Your answers must be top-notch whether you have one follower or 100K followers on Quora.

Featured Image: Pexels

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