Can You Advertise on Quora?

Generating organic traffic and buzz on Quora can be time-consuming. Building a profile, gaining followers, generating views and upvotes, and growing your Quora account from scratch is a time-consuming process. The ever-increasing competition makes it even harder to stand out from the crowd and get noticed on Quora. Is there a quick way to drive targeted traffic from Quora? Can you advertise on Quora?

If so, how?

Can You Advertise on Quora?

Yes, you can.

Quora lets you advertise on its platform. It has a dedicated ad platform for businesses that helps you reach over 300 million Quora users:

quora ads

You can start a Quora advertising campaign for as low as $5 with an extremely user-friendly ad platform. It allows marketers to create native ads with powerful targeting features.

Here is an example of a Quora ad:

quora ad example

These ads appear between answers and are triggered based on relevance with the question. Quora matches ads with question topics to show the most relevant ads to its users. 

How to Advertise on Quora?

If you have ever used an ad network (such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads), you’ll know how to get started with Quora ads. However, it only supports text ads. Here is how to get started with Quora ads:

Step #1: Select Objective

Quora ads let you pick an objective for your ad campaign to begin with. There are 5 objectives to choose from:

  1. Conversions
  2. Traffic generation
  3. Awareness
  4. Lead generation
  5. App installs.
quora ads example

Give a name to your campaign and select the most relevant objective to get started.

Step #2: Set Budget and Audience

Once you select the campaign objective, you need to set the budget, audience, bid, and targeting for your campaign. This needs to be done at ad set level:

quora ad set level

An ad set includes multiple ads. Targeting, location, device, bid, and demographics are set at ad set level, and, therefore, these settings apply to all the ads within a set. An ad set can have multiple ads having the same bidding and targeting features.

You can target your audience in four ways including:

  • Contextual targeting based on topics, keywords, and questions
  • Audience targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Broad targeting.

Step #3: Create Ads

You can create multiple ads in a single ad set level. Here is how to set up an ad:

quora ads

This is how campaign structure looks like at Quora:

quora campaign structure

So, an ad set lets you choose targeting, bidding, and audience, and then you can create individual ads for each ad set.

Step #4: Add Payment

Finally, you need to add your payment details to finish setting up your campaign. You will be asked to add a card to activate your ad campaign. Quora ads only accept credit and debit cards as payment methods. Quora does not support other payment methods at the moment.

Who Should Advertise on Quora?

Before you go ahead and create your first ad campaign on Quora, ask yourself: Does your target audience use Quora?

Refer to buyer personas for the answer to this question. If you aren’t using buyer personas, run a quick survey and ask your customers if they use Quora. This will give you a clear picture.

Or run a quick ad campaign on Quora and see how it works for you.

Generally, Quora ads work best for the B2C sector. If your target audience consists of consumers (and not businesses), it makes sense to give Quora ads a try.

It might not work well for B2B as you can’t expect a CEO or CMO to visit Quora and find answers to questions. Businesses usually don’t have a lot of time to spend on Quora so it might not work in industries where you are targeting a business such as consultation services.

However, your best bet is to spend some resources on market research. Create or update your buyer personas (irrespective of your target audience) and figure out if your ideal customers use Quora. This is the best way to use Quora ads smartly.

Quora Advertising Tips

Once you have decided to try Quora ads, there are several best practices and tips that can help you improve your ROI and ROAS. Follow these tips and techniques to ramp up your ad performance:

  • Promote your best answers via Quora ads. This is a great way to boost views and get new followers on Quora. If you have a decent number of followers on Quora, you won’t need ads to reach your target audience. Your followers will do it for you. So instead of using ads to reach your target audience, use Quora’s community (aka followers) to do the hard work for you.
  • Start with a minimum budget and create multiple ads. Don’t stick with a single ad. Use A/B testing to figure out what works best for you on Quora. Creating several ads and not tweaking them won’t help you much. Give it your best and keep tweaking ads. If they don’t work, try new variations. Avoid jumping to the conclusion straight away.
  • Target top-performing keywords, landing pages, and ad copies on Quora. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If you have been running ads on any other ad network (such as Google Ads), take your best ads from those networks and run them on Quora. This is because you have already done the hard work of identifying what types of ads, keywords, landing pages, offers, etc. work for your target audience. Use the same on Quora. Don’t start from scratch.
  • Use retargeting ads on Quora. Copy and paste pixel code from Quora on your website and take your advertising campaigns to the next level. This helps you track conversions and events on your website and improve audience targeting. It is an amazing feature, don’t miss it.

Should You Advertise on Quora?

It depends.

But I’d recommend giving it a try if you are in the B2C sector. If you have been marketing on Quora for traffic generation, leads, or sales, you must have a good idea of how well it works in terms of conversion and cost.

And if a decent chunk of your traffic comes from Quora, you must advertise on Quora.

If you haven’t tried Quora yet, give it a try and test the waters.

It all comes down to testing. You have to try it to see how it goes for you. 

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