Can I Put Affiliate Links on Quora?

If you are using Quora for making money, one of your primary concerns will be to use it for affiliate marketing. And this is a reason why a lot of Quora users ask: Can I put affiliate links on Quora? If this is what you are interested in or if you want to promote affiliate products on Quora, keep reading. This article covers everything in detail.

Let’s start from the basics…

Can I Put Affiliate Links on Quora?

Simple answer: No, you can’t.

Adding affiliate links anywhere on Quora isn’t allowed. If you do so, your answer will be removed. And you might get banned for repeated violations. Here is Quora’s policy on links:

quora terms screenshot

It clearly states that links to commercial sites aren’t allowed. Affiliate links are commercial links because they don’t add any value; rather, they’re aimed at selling. And here is what Quora says about if you don’t follow its link policy:

quora terms

So, adding affiliate links on Quora will put you in trouble. Not only your links will be removed but your account might get blocked permanently.

Can You Use Cloaked Affiliate Links on Quora?

No, cloaked affiliate links aren’t allowed either. It isn’t the redirection rather the landing page that matters. Any link pointing to a sales page, product page, or any commercial website where the intention is to sell or presell a product isn’t allowed on Quora.

It will most likely, sooner or later, be removed.

Even if your affiliate links aren’t removed immediately, it doesn’t mean Quora is OK with them. Users can report affiliate links so they might be removed any time.

Cloaked or uncloaked links to any commercial website or webpage aren’t allowed on Quora. You need to be very careful with what type of links you are submitting as it can get you banned.

But does this mean you can’t promote affiliate products on Quora?

No, you can.

How to Promote Affiliate Products on Quora

You can’t add affiliate links on Quora but it doesn’t mean you can’t promote affiliate products. You can promote affiliate products.

However, you have to do it indirectly (I’ll tell you how). Quora is very strict in terms of outgoing links and is quick at removing any links that point to commercial sites. A commercial site isn’t just limited to an affiliate site; rather it means any site that sells products such as an ecommerce store or a sales page of a SaaS product.

You can’t do it. Period.

You can, however, link to relevant and informative sites that deliver value to Quora users. The purpose of adding external links on Quora is to help its users better understand the answer in the form of relevant references.

This means you can send traffic to a highly informative page and then redirect traffic to your affiliate offer. Here is how to do it:

Step #1: Create an Informative Article

The first thing is to create a highly informative article. It must be a well-written and valuable piece that doesn’t sell anything. Think of 10x content and skyscraper technique. If you have created an article using these techniques and it doesn’t sell or presell any affiliate product, you are good to go.

For example, you can write a listicle, a step-by-step guide, or a how-to article.

Follow these tips when writing this type of article:

  • Keep it detailed and long-form
  • Add lots of subheadings and media in your article
  • Keep it ungated
  • The purpose of the content must be to inform readers.

You can read this article on how to create awesome content for your audience.

Step #2: Generate Leads

Once you have published the article on your blog, the next step is adding a form towards the end of the post to generate leads.

Here is an example:

How to create and launch embedded forms

You can create a simple form or offer a lead magnet. Anything that works for your audience.

So, the idea is to drive traffic from Quora to a high-quality valuable article and then generate leads via the form. To avoid getting your links removed from Quora, make sure you don’t add multiple forms. Stick with 1-2 forms. Avoid linking to affiliate products.

If you have a long-form and extremely valuable article, you can link to affiliate products (via cloaked affiliate links). So, it is OK to link to affiliate products from a blog post and then send traffic from Quora to the blog post. It will work without an issue.

However, overdoing it might put you in trouble. It is best to keep your article clean and free from affiliate links.

Step #3: Send Traffic to Affiliate Product

Use the lead form (embedded in your article) to send traffic to the affiliate products. You can easily do it in different ways:

  1. Refer visitors to the affiliate product once they submit the form
  2. Add affiliate links in the welcome email.

Here is how the process works:

lead generation marketing flow chart diagram

Here is how lead generation form works:

  1. Visitors land on your website from Quora and add their contact details in the form
  2. Once they click the submit button, they’ll be taken to the affiliate product page
  3. And they’ll be subscribed to your email list where you can contact them later.

You can set up lead generation forms in any email marketing tool. It is an automated process that doesn’t require any input from your end.

The best thing about generating leads from Quora traffic is that you can connect with the leads whenever you want. You own the list.

Be Careful When Posting Links on Quora

Yes, be very careful.

It isn’t just about affiliate links but all the links are scrutinized. You must link to informative content that adds value and/or add relevant sources to your answers. All other links will be removed by Quora.

Once a link is removed, consider it a warning. If you repeat it, you might lose your Quora account forever. 

Quora wants to keep the platform spam-free. Don’t be a spammer. Be a genuine marketer.

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