Can I Make Money from Quora?

Everyone wants to make money online from the comfort of one’s home. Whether it is affiliate marketing, social media marketing, or Quora, there is always a way to make money. A lot of people keep asking themselves: Can I make money from Quora or social media or any other online platform?

Yes, you can make money from Quora.

This article covers everything you need to know about making money from Quora.

Can I Make Money from Quora?

There are different ways to earn money from Quora. You can pick one or more available options and start making money right away. Not all earning methods, however, pay equally well. Let’s explore different methods and techniques to earn money from Quora starting today:

1. Quora Partner Program

quora partners program

Quora Partner Program is an invite-only program that pays you for asking questions on Quora. Since it is an invite-only program, you can’t apply to it or get enrolled. The only way you can join Quora Partner Program is by getting an invitation email like this:

Quora Partner Program Invitation

Once you are invited into the program, all you have to do is ask questions to get paid on Quora. But this doesn’t mean you can ask hundreds of questions every single day. The program has some requirements:

  • Your question must be unique
  • Only high-quality and valuable questions are included in the program. Not all questions will be included in the program and will be paid
  • It must not be anonymous as questions asked as anonymous aren’t paid
  • You’ll be paid on the basis of user engagement and revenue generated from ads posted on your question
  • Certain topics aren’t monetized and you won’t be paid
  • You can make money from your questions for a maximum of one year
  • You must use Stripe or PayPal to get paid
  • The program is only available in a few countries as of now. 

How Much Money You Can Make from the Quora Partner Program?

Quora says that users can make thousands of dollars per month via its partner program. However, it’s a little hard to earn a lot of money. The majority of the users earn less than a dollar per month unless your question gets a lot of attention and generates some serious views.

Here is an example of earnings from Bradhart:


He further shared that he made $300 from more than 7,000 questions:


The earning potential is indeed low. You’ll need to ask a lot of quality questions on a daily basis to generate enough income. It is a decent way to earn a few dollars part-time but you can’t use the Quora Partner Program as a full-time earning opportunity.

2. Quora Spaces

You can make money from Quora Spaces through the Quora Space beta program. Quora shares ad revenue generated from the space with the space owner. Quora makes money from ads that it runs. This ad revenue is shared with space owners based on ad clicks and impressions that they generate.

Here are the requirements to make money from your Quora space:

  • The content in your space must be unique
  • The program is available in limited countries at this moment so you must be living in one of the eligible countries
  • All Quora spaces require manual review before you get paid. Once you’ll earn $10 from your Quora space, moderators will then review your space for payment withdrawal
  • You must have a Stripe account to get paid.
quora spaces earning dashboard

The earning potential depends on the engagement and ad clicks your space generates. This means you’ll need to have a lot of followers and you must share quality content in your space to boost its readership.

Since it is a revenue-sharing model, you’ll initially earn a few bucks. Once your space grows, your earnings will increase exponentially.

3. Referral Traffic

The problem with Quora’s built-in earning models is that you’ll earn pennies. And this literally means pennies. The second problem is that Quora can block your account or exclude you from its programs for any violation. 

So, no matter how high your earnings are, you are always at risk. 

If you want to make risk-free money, you’ll need to use a different technique: Referral traffic. 

If you have a website, blog, YouTube channel, social media account, etc., the best way is to send traffic off Quora. For example, if you have a blog, you can add a link to your blog in an answer in Quora and send traffic to your blog. Monetize your blog to make money.

Quora doesn’t allow linking to affiliate products but you can promote an affiliate product on your blog, Facebook page, or Instagram bio. And then send traffic to the appropriate channel from Quora.

This method works best. Here is an example:

quora referral traffic stats

That’s around 10K visitors from Quora with an average session duration of almost 6 minutes. If you know the worth of targeted traffic, you’ll never ignore Quora for traffic generation. The only requirement is that your answers must be valuable and high-quality. And the link must be inserted naturally. Avoid spamming Quora with your links or you’ll be banned in no time.

The earning potential in this case is unlimited. You can generate leads, promote your products, sell affiliate products, etc. There aren’t any limitations.

Can You Really Make Money from Quora?

Definitely, you can.

It doesn’t matter what method you use, making money from Quora while sitting in your home is pretty much possible. The partner program and Quora spaces won’t make you rich. You’ll earn a few bucks and that’s it.

However, sending traffic to an external URL that you have monetized is a more solid approach. You own the traffic, you can collect email addresses, and build a relationship off Quora.

Making money online isn’t a big deal as long as you know what you are doing. Quora is just one platform that shares ad revenue and lets you make money by asking questions. There are hundreds of other platforms of similar nature that you can use to earn money online.

Keep exploring.

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