How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the largest and oldest affiliate networks that has more than 24,000 affiliate products. It is the dream of every affiliate marketer to make money from ClickBank as it offers a generous commission (up to 90% of the sale price). Among several other ways to make money with ClickBank, social media stands out. You can make money with ClickBank on all social networks including Instagram.

So, how to make money on Instagram with ClickBank?

Instagram has more than a billion active monthly users and 83% of people use it to find new products and services. It is one of the best social media sites to make money with ClickBank (CB).

Here is how to exactly do it.

How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank

The first step is to create an account on ClickBank and select affiliate products and affiliate links. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to get started with ClickBank.

So, what’s next?

Here is how to start making money on Instagram by promoting affiliate products:

1. Identify Niche and Optimize your Profile

You need to identify and pick a classy niche (for affiliate marketing) and optimize your profile and account accordingly.

A niche helps you target a specific group with unique needs. It gets easier to make an impact and stand out from the crowd since you’ll not be competing with big influencers:

micro niche marketing

Read this affiliate marketing actionable guide to better understand the importance of a niche and how to choose one.

So, let’s assume you have selected ‘acne treatment with natural foods’ as your niche, you need to optimize your Instagram profile accordingly that includes:

  • Having a profile picture
  • Update your bio and mention something about the niche
  • Use relevant keywords in your bio so that people who are looking for acne treatment can find and connect with you
  • Add a link to your blog, website, YouTube channel, or the most popular affiliate product in bio.

Here is an example of a perfectly optimized Instagram profile:

instagram profile template

Not to forget uploading a clear and nice-looking profile picture. Add your photo. Avoid uploading avatars or random photos as profile pictures. Make your account as humanly as possible.

2. Post Relevant Content

Once your account is ready (and optimized), you are all set to publish relevant content.

You need to post content that’s relevant to your niche with appropriate hashtags. If your niche is acne treatment, your posts must be related to the topic. Consumers don’t like general content. A study found that 71.7% of people say that content that’s too general isn’t relevant:

relevant content stats

Create a social media posting calendar to manage your posting schedule. Here is a guide on how to create a content calendar. What type of content to post and when to post are two important factors that you must consider:

  • Post at least once per day on Instagram. This is a must
  • Publish all types of content e.g. photos, videos, GIFs, memes, etc.
  • Maintain a balance between promotional vs. informational content. Not all posts need to have an affiliate link. It is a good idea to add affiliate links in 2-3 posts per week
  • Post quality content that helps your followers solve their core problem
  • Share trending stories, articles, and guides even if you don’t own them. Don’t hesitate to share other people’s content. It will help you build authority
  • Avoid blatant promotion of affiliate products and/or links.

The idea is to keep things natural.

See what works best. If posts with affiliate links have less engagement, minimize the number of such posts, or maybe stop posting affiliate links for a week or two.

It all comes down to how your followers respond to affiliate products.

3. Engage and Grow Your Audience

The key to success on Instagram relies on one thing: The number of followers and their engagement.

More followers mean more views, clicks, and affiliate sales. You can’t expect enough sales if you have 500 followers. However, if you have 5K or 50K followers, it will change the game.

Read this actionable guide on how to increase social media followers, apply these tips, and start increasing your Instagram followers. Use the following analytics tips to boost your Instagram presence:

5 ways to grow your instagram presence

Follow these additional tips to grow engagement and audience:

  • Use relevant hashtags. The more you use them, the better
  • Follower, like, and comment on other people’s posts
  • Share your photos instead of random photos
  • Publish affiliate product unboxing videos
  • Share affiliate product reviews. Buy and use the product, and then share an honest review. That’s what people love the most
  • Tag relevant brands and influencers in your posts to build authority and grow your network.

Advanced Tips and Techniques

Simply sharing affiliate links on Instagram doesn’t always work especially if your market is saturated. A lot of Instagrammers are already doing it. You need to up your affiliate marketing game. Following tips and techniques will help you make money on Instagram with ClickBank quickly:

  • Create a blog and start sending traffic to your blog or website from Instagram. Build your email list. This is the best technique to make money from ClickBank as you’ll own the email list. You’ll be able to connect and engage with your subscribers the way you like
  • Create a lead magnet and landing page for list building. Instead of sending traffic directly to the affiliate product sales page, send traffic to your landing page (or squeeze page), collect email addresses, and then send traffic to the affiliate product. This is a sustainable business model as opposed to simply sending traffic to the affiliate link
  • Buy affiliate products, use them, share reviews, and then promote them. Simply sharing affiliate links (no matter how awesome the product is) won’t work. This is what 99% of affiliates are doing. Be better, be genuine, be honest. Buy, use, and then recommend.


Making money on Instagram with ClickBank isn’t that simple anymore for two main reasons. First, fierce competition as a lot of Instagrammers and influencers are doing it. Second, Instagram users are now more knowledgeable than ever. You can’t promote an affiliate link and expect people will click and convert like crazy.

This doesn’t work anymore.

You need to do better. And the best way is to solve people’s problems by recommending them a product that actually solves their problem, and you have used the same product. This is a reason why product review videos are the most watched content type of YouTube. People want to see that you have used a product. This is what makes them trust you.

Be honest and consistent. That’s all you need to succeed with affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Featured Image: Pexels

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