How to Create Content for YouTube?

Consumers love seeing videos as 53% of people reported that they want to see more video content in the future. Videos and YouTube go hand in hand. It is the most used video streaming platform in the world with more than 2 billion users who watch more than a billion hours of video content every single day. From a marketing perspective, YouTube gives you instant access to its global user-base. But how to create content for YouTube that will drive sales and revenue is one of the biggest challenges that content creators face.

This article covers how to create content for YouTube that works and drives conversions.

How to Create Content for YouTube

If you want to create videos that your target audience will love interacting with, you need a YouTube content strategy. You can’t create and publish videos randomly on topics you find interesting, rather each video you create must have a purpose.

Here is a step-by-step content creation action-plan that you should use:

  1. Find Content Ideas
  2. Identify content type
  3. Create video
  4. Optimization

1. Find Content Ideas

As a new YouTuber, you’ll need to find a niche and create some really high-quality videos to make your impact. Finding topics related to the channel is the first thing that you have to do. There are multiple ways to find great topic ideas:

  • YouTube search
  • Google search
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research tools

YouTube search is the first place that you should look for. Enter your primary keyword or topic idea in the YouTube search bar to get ideas. Here is an example:

youtube search screenshot

You can get several topic ideas using this technique. Check already published videos on existing topics to get an idea of engagement and how viewers have responded to these. Check views, comments, likes, and dislikes. A lot of dislikes mean people didn’t like the video and this means you can create a better video by addressing people’s concern:

youtube like and dislike buttons

You can also get topic ideas from your competitors. Check their videos and see what types of videos perform best. This will give you a lot of topics and keyword ideas.

You can go a step further by using a keyword research tool such as Google Keyword Planner to find keyword ideas with monthly search volume:

google keyword planner tool homepage screenshot

Prepare a list of topic ideas and the primary keyword that you’ll target for each topic. It is best to use a sheet for it.

2. Identify Video Type

There are certain types of content that perform better on YouTube. Not all videos perform equally well. For example, product review videos are the most-watched videos on YouTube. According to Google, more than 50,000 years of product review YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices in only two years.

You don’t get such high views with any other video type.

Selecting the right content type for each topic is essential. No, you don’t have to stick with a single video type rather mix it up. Here are the top video types on YouTube:

  1. Product reviews
  2. Product launch videos
  3. How-to videos
  4. Walkthrough
  5. Education videos
  6. Best of videos
  7. Time-lapse
  8. Unboxing
  9. Funny videos
  10. Vlogs.

Identify the right video type for each topic that you have generated. Add this in the sheet too.

3. Create Video

Quality content comes first. Period.

If you want to create content for YouTube that will make you an authority in your niche, create 10x content:

10x content steps

Yes, it applies to video content too. The 10x content refers to content that is 10x better than the best content that is already published out there.

It is a 4-step process that goes something like this:

  1. Fully understand your topic
  2. Identify unique angles to solving the problem
  3. Generate powerful and hard to replicate ways to provide an answer or solve the problem
  4. Come up with a unique and exceptional way to present your content.

This means you have to critically analyze each video on your selected topic and type that’s already published, take notes, and come up with a video that solves the problem in a unique, powerful, and non-replicable way.

For example, if you are doing a product review. Find existing product review videos on YouTube for the same product. Understand your target audience’s problem that this product solves. Go deep. People watch product reviews to understand how well this product will solve their problem

Focus on the problem and look for an interesting angle to address the problem. 

Of course, video quality, equipment, recording, editing, voiceover, animation, etc. all matter too. Even POV matters a lot.

Cover all the aspects and create awesome video content.

4. Optimization

Optimizing your video for YouTube, Google, and other search engines (especially web crawlers) is essential. If it isn’t optimized, it won’t rank anywhere and people won’t be able to find your video – no matter how awesome it is.

The number #1 rule to have your video content rank is to ensure a high retention rate that means people must watch 100% of your video and not leave it in the middle.

Here is why:

youtube audience retention quote

If you have created a 10x video, it is highly likely that people will watch it all the way.

Second, optimize your video for YouTube. This includes:

  • Saying your primary keyword in the video as YouTube transcribes videos automatically. Saying keyword a few times in the video will help YouTube better understand your video’s content
  • Use your primary keyword in the video title. Smartly insert your key term in the title
  • Write a detailed video description optimized around your topic
  • Add appropriate tags that are relevant to the video. This is where you can use keywords.

An optimized YouTube video is ranked in YouTube search and appears in suggested videos more often and higher than other videos. 

Final Words

You need to create, publish, and promote YouTube content just like you do with other content types (e.g. blog posts). High-quality video content that nobody can find is of no use. So, an understanding of how to create content for YouTube isn’t enough. Content creation is one part of the YouTube marketing strategy that is crucial.

But it isn’t the only piece of the puzzle.

Once you have published your video on YouTube, a new era of promotion, analytics, and tweaking begins.

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