How to Get Amazon Affiliate Link

Amazon has one of the largest affiliate networks that is best for beginners. If you are just starting, signing up for Amazon Associates is your best bet. You’ll be easily accepted into the network and generating sales is easier. Amazon’s global reputation helps you generate affiliate sales without much effort. If you are new and don’t know how to get Amazon affiliate link, this is the article you must read.

After you register with Amazon Associates, you need to get affiliate links to start promoting products. You can’t get started without getting Amazon affiliate links. This is the first step and this guide shows you all the methods to get Amazon affiliate links.

How to Get Amazon Affiliate Links

There are multiple ways to get Amazon affiliate links once you have been accepted at Amazon Associates Program. The best and the easiest way to grab affiliate links quickly is via SiteStripe. It lets you create Amazon affiliate links from the Amazon store directly.

Follow these steps to use SiteStripe to get Amazon links:

Step #1: Turn SiteStripe On

Sign in to your Amazon Associates account here. Click Tools > SiteStripe from the top menu:

SiteStripe screenshot

You’ll see SiteStripe details and it is activated by default. However, it is essential to check if it is already turned on or not. Click Learn More:

SiteStripe screenshot

You’ll see SiteStripe settings. You can turn SiteStripe on/off from and control link settings:

SiteStripe settings

If it is turned off, turn it on. Make sure Get Link is checked so that it appears in the SiteStripe.

Step #2: Get Links from Amazon

Sign in to to grab affiliate links directly. You’ll see SiteStripe bar towards the top of Amazon:

SiteStripe bar

You must be signed in to your Amazon account that’s associated with your Amazon Associated account to enable SiteStripe. If you are signed in, you’ll see the SiteStripe bar.

Open any product on Amazon, the SiteStripe will activate:

SiteStripe get links example

You can get the following types of links via SiteStripe:

  1. Text links
  2. Image links
  3. Text and image links combined
  4. Native shopping ads
  5. Directly share affiliate links on Facebook and Twitter.

Open your desired product and click Text to get the text link:

SiteStripe link screenshot

You can change the tracking ID and choose a short link too. You can create similar affiliate links for product image and image and text both.

If you want to create a native shopping ad, click Custom to get ad code:

SiteStripe screenshot

And you can directly share your affiliate link on Facebook and Twitter. SiteStripe is the best and the easiest way to get Amazon affiliate links.

Get Affiliate Links from Amazon Associates Account

SiteStripe isn’t the only way to get Amazon affiliate links, you can use your Amazon Associates account too. Here is how:

Click here to sign in to your account. You’ll find all the linking options under Product Linking:

Amazon Associates screenshot

You can create the following types of Amazon links from Product Linking:

  1. Product Links
  2. Banners
  3. Native Shopping Ads
  4. Mobile Popover
  5. Link to Any Page.

1. Product Links

You can search products based on keywords and ASIN. There is a small search engine that’s very handy and lets you find products without going to the Amazon store:

product links from Amazon Associates

Type any keyword and sort results based on your desired preference:

get product link from Amazon Associates

Click Get Link to get affiliate link of the product you are interested in:

Amazon Associates screenshot

You can customize your affiliate link by choosing between text and image, text only, and image only links. Customization features include color scheme, border, and option to open link in new window:

customize product link in Amazon Associates

Copy your affiliate link after it has been customized.

2. Banners

You can get ready-to-use banner ads for your website from Product Listing > Banners. You can get targeted banners ads for a specific Amazon category or you can go with rotating banner ad that is updated by Amazon with the latest promotions and trends:

banner links in Amazon Associates

The promotional links (known as Easy Links) offer you rotating promotional ads. Select your desired banner size and grab the affiliate link for your website:

Amazon Associates banner links

If you need a banner for a specific Amazon category, select your category from the list and customize your banner:

banner link categories in Amazon Associates

Select a banner size and grab your link:

banner links in Amazon Associate screenshot

You don’t have to do anything else. Amazon will update the ad automatically for you. You only need to copy-paste the code on your website.

3. Native Shopping Ads

This is one of the best link types from Amazon. These ads show product recommendations based on user behavior and website content. You can choose from three types of native ads:

  1. Recommendation ads display products that are relevant to content and visitor behavior.
  2. Search ads show Amazon products based on a keyword/phrase you choose. It also has a search bar that lets visitors search products based on a keyword of their choice.
  3. Custom ads let you pick products. You can select specific products and create a native ad for them for your website.

You’ll need to follow screen instructions to get the code for your desired native ad type. The best part: You can preview ads in real-time as you make changes. Here is how to create a recommendation ad:

Amazon Associates native ads

Give your ad a name, select tracking ID and ad format, pick your desired categories, and generate code.

Simple, right?

4. Mobile Popover

This is an interesting way to monetize your mobile traffic. Mobile visitors will see a user-friendly popover (that’s not intrusive). It displays product information, reviews, and prices:

Amazon Associates mobile popover screenshot

Your affiliate link for mobile popover is available towards the end of the page. Copy-paste it on your website and you are all done:

mobile popover link in Amazon Associates

5. Link to Any Page

Finally, you can get an affiliate link for any page on Amazon be it a search page, a specific product page, or a link to your favorite products:

link to any page Amazon Associates

Select the desired option from the top (favorite destination, search results, or link to any page). Then select product line, subcategory, and give a name to your link.

You can preview the page to see where it will lead visitors. Copy HTML code and paste it on your website.

If you need an affiliate link for any page on Amazon, copy the URL and paste it. Give a name to it and copy your HTML code:

link to any page in Amazon Associates screenshot

Final Words

Getting an Amazon affiliate link isn’t a big deal. Amazon has made it dead simple for its affiliates. There are several ways to get affiliate links. However, I personally love SiteStripe. It lets you grab links from Amazon without even signing into your Associates account.

If you aren’t using SiteStripe, give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Featured Image: Jesse Willms

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