How to Become an Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon Associates is the official name of the Amazon affiliate program which is one of the leading affiliate programs out there. As an Amazon affiliate, you can promote any product that’s listed on the Amazon marketplace. You can monetize your website or blog with affiliate links and earn commission per successful scale.

This guide will show you how to get started with Amazon Associates and start promoting Amazon products for affiliate commission.

Why Become an Amazon Affiliate?

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Amazon needs no introduction. No matter where you live on this planet, you know what it is and you must have searched or ordered at least one product from Amazon.

Amazon is a global ecommerce marketplace that generated $280.5 billion in sales in 2019 and made $75.5 billion in revenue in 2020. It is a popular and trustworthy ecommerce giant. As much as 89% of people say that they’re more likely to shop from Amazon than any other ecommerce site.

Consumer trust is the number one reason why you should join Amazon Associates. Selling Amazon products is much easier than selling products from other ecommerce stores.

Additionally, Amazon operates worldwide and it gets easier to monetize your traffic from different geographic locations as an Amazon affiliate. Amazon OneLink lets you monetize international traffic automatically. 

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You can link your different associates accounts with a few clicks and leave the rest on Amazon. It will direct traffic to the local Amazon store automatically and you’ll earn a commission for sales.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Follow these steps to join Amazon Associates program to become an affiliate:

Step #1: Visit Amazon Associates

Click here to visit the official Amazon Associates page for the United States locale. You can sign up for different locales depending on your target market. For example, if your website receives traffic from the UK, you need to sign up for Amazon Associates UK.

You can navigate to your preferred locale by selecting an appropriate location from the dropdown:

amazon associates locate

When you sign up and send traffic to Amazon, the traffic is redirected by Amazon automatically to their local Amazon store. For example, if a person from Australia clicks your US Amazon affiliate link, he/she will be redirected to Amazon Australia instead of Amazon USA. Now if you have signed up as an affiliate for Amazon Australia, you’ll be credited for the sale. Else, you will not get any commission for sales made on Amazon stores for locations you haven’t signed up for.

It is, therefore, essential to sign up for the most appropriate Amazon Associates location based on your target market’s location.

Step #2: Sign Up for Amazon Associates

Once you have finalized your Amazon Associates locale, click Sign Up to get started:

amazon associates sign up

You’ll be asked to sign in with your Amazon account. If you don’t have one, you can click Create your Amazon Account:

amazon associates create new account

Fill the form to create your account on Amazon and click Create your Amazon account to finish the process:

amazon affiliate registration form

Check your email for the verification code (OTP) and add it to complete sign up process. Once you have created an account on Amazon, it is time to sign in from this account to your Amazon Associates account. Head back to the Amazon Associates locale and enter your Amazon account details and click Sign-In:

amazon associates sign in

Remember, you must have an account on the corresponding Amazon store to become an Amazon affiliate for that store.

Step #3: Add Account Details

Once you sign-up, you’ll be asked to fill a 4-step account form that looks like this:

amazon associates account creation form

You’ll have to fill in account information, website details, how you intend to generate traffic, verification details, payment information, and you’ll be all ready to start using your account.

Follow on-screen instructions to complete your account setup process.

All applications are reviewed before approval. If you have a website or blog, your account will be approved quickly. However, if you don’t have a website or any specific plan to promote affiliate links, your application might get rejected.

Step #4: Get Affiliate Links from Amazon Associates

You’ll receive an account activation email from Amazon, and that’s when you can start promoting Amazon products.

There are two ways to get product affiliate links:

  1. From Amazon Associates account
  2. From Amazon marketplace.

Sign into your Amazon Associates account to browse products and get affiliate links. You can search for products by entering a keyword or browse product categories:

amazon associate product links

Enter a keyword and click Go to find products:

find products in amazon associates

You’ll see all the products based on your search term. Click a product link to see it on Amazon. Click Get Link to see your affiliate link:

amazon associates screenshot

You can customize the affiliate link on the next page with a live preview. You can choose text and image, text only, or image only links:

amazon associates screenshot for getting offer links

Click Highlight HTML to select and highlight code and copy it:

amazon associates html code

You have your affiliate link, promote it to generate sales.

You can also get banners, native shopping ads, and mobile popovers to take your affiliate marketing to a new level. Move the mouse to Product Linking in your Amazon Associates account and select your desired link type from the dropdown list:

amazon associates product linking

You can also link to any page or search results page on Amazon via the Link to Any Page feature. 

Step #5: Affiliate Links from Amazon

You can also get affiliate links from Amazon by signing into your Amazon account. You’ll see a top menu in your Amazon account every time you’ll sign into it, it is called SiteStripe and looks like this:

sitestripe screenshot

When you’ll visit a product page on Amazon, click the Text, Image, or Text+Image to get product link:

sitestrip screenshot

Copy your link and you are all set to promote it:

sitestrip affiliate link

The SiteStripe will always be there on your Amazon account since you have linked your Amazon account with the Associates account. If you don’t see it there, make sure you are signed into your account.

Get Started Now

Being an Amazon affiliate, you get a chance to promote thousands of products across hundreds of categories throughout the world. You can monetize your global traffic by creating accounts on multiple Amazon localized stores and becoming an affiliate for all the locales.

The best part: You don’t have to put extra effort to persuade people to buy from Amazon. It is trusted by consumers and this makes selling a lot easier.

Apply today and start promoting amazing Amazon products.

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