Why Content Marketing Is So Important?

Content marketing is amazing. It drives traffic, conversions, sales, and revenue. And these are just a few top reasons why content marketing is so important. If you understand the value of content and how essential content marketing is for your business success, I bet you’ll invest blindly in it.

What makes content marketing important for your business is a key question that a lot of businesses and startups have. And finding its answer is essential. Because if you know the ins and outs of content marketing, you’ll do it religiously.

You don’t have to do content marketing for the sake of it. Rather, understand it and how it impacts your business, and then do it.

Reasons Why Content Marketing is so Important for Your Business

With more than 70% of businesses investing in content marketing and 53% of marketers reporting that it is a top priority of their business, there has to be something special about it. Here are the key benefits that make it a must-have part of your marketing strategy:

  1. It delivers value
  2. Long-term scalable strategy
  3. Organic traffic
  4. Best for lead generation
  5. Improves conversion rate
  6. Supports SEO
  7. Authority and trust.

1. Delivers Value

Content, when created smartly, delivers value. It educates your target audience. It solves problems. There isn’t anything better than delivering value to your ideal customers, right?

Ads, such as banner ads, do not offer any value. They’re merely used to generate traffic or conversions. Content marketing is focused on delivering something to your target audience and then they convert willingly.

In other words, content marketing is the heart of inbound marketing which is all about creating valuable content:

inbound marketing explained

Even if you aren’t into inbound marketing, you still must create and publish quality content because this is what your audience craves for.

2. Long-Term Scalable Strategy

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that is fully scalable. When you keep publishing quality content, your website will rank for several keywords in Google SERPs. You’ll keep getting organic traffic over the years.

Recovery Brands increased its organic traffic by 1,100% in a year with over 4 million page views all because of content marketing. It used content marketing for three years and the results were phenomenal:

content marketing case study

If you need a long-term marketing strategy, go for content marketing.

3. Organic Traffic

Need organic traffic? Stick with content marketing.

Statistics show that the number one result in Google search results page has an average of 31.7% CTR:

organic traffic ctr stats

How do you reach the #1 place in SERPs? Content marketing.

Not to mention, organic traffic is the biggest source of online traffic. Content marketing gives you unlimited access to it.

The annual growth in unique website traffic is 7.8x higher for businesses that focus on content marketing.

Again, when you consistently publish quality content targeting specific keywords, you’ll receive organic traffic from leading search engines organically.

4.  Lead Generation

Generating leads is the top priority of marketers. It is indeed a big challenge to generate leads. Content marketing solves this problem for you.

Here is the best part: It generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing at a much lower cost:

content marketing stats

It can’t get any better than this, right?

You can use a wide range of techniques to generate leads via content marketing such as lead magnets, webinars, PDFs, and more.

5. Improves Conversion Rate

Businesses that use content marketing have conversion rates 6x higher than businesses that don’t use content marketing. This is achieved by publishing relevant and helpful content for your target audience based on their stage in the buying process.

Here is how to do it:

buyer journey and content alignment

The content requirement in the awareness stage is different from the requirement for the consideration stage. You need to publish educational content that is focused on building authority and making your target audience aware of your brand.

When content is aligned to the reader’s stage in the conversion funnel, it leads to an increase in conversion rate.

6. Supports SEO

Acquiring backlinks gets a whole lot easier with content marketing. In fact, if you publish exceptional content, people will start linking to your website naturally without you having to ask them.

Here is an example from a design tool that went from 0 to 20,000 organic traffic in just 5 months. This was achieved by 1.55K backlinks that were acquired naturally based on high quality content:

ahrefs screenshot

Techniques like Skyscraper, 10x content, and Guestographics are well-known for acquiring backlinks with the help of content marketing. The underlying philosophy is to create awesome content that others can’t resist linking to.

7. Authority and Trust

What happens when you produce and publish quality content that no one else out there is creating? You’ll become an authority in your niche. You’ll become a thought leader.

HubSpot, for example, is now the leading inbound marketing blog that is followed and trusted by millions of marketers around the globe. How did they do it?

Content marketing.

HubSpot publishes relevant quality content in marketing and sales. Not only do they publish several blog posts daily but HubSpot updates its old posts regularly every month.

The idea is to impress your readers with amazing content that they cannot find anywhere else. This develops trust and authority.

Final Words

Content marketing is wonderful. It works across multiple channels be it social media, video, podcasts, graphics and images, PDFs, and more. You can publish different types of content for your audience and distribute it via different networks.

So, you know why content marketing is so important and why you should care about it.

If you don’t have a content marketing strategy, create one now. Read this article to get insights on how to do content marketing. Once you have developed a strategy, you’ll be in a better position to create and publish content.

Content marketing will never disappoint you. It will work as long as you are producing quality content that delivers exceptional value to the readers. Give it time. Wait patiently. Be consistent.

When done right, content marketing never fails.

Featured Image: Unsplash

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