What Jobs Can You Get with a Marketing Degree?

Marketing is a fantastic field that offers you a lot of exciting opportunities. The marketing industry is expected to grow annually at 6% from 2019 to 2029 with the average expected salary is $141,490 per year in 2020. The entry-level education required is a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a relevant degree.

So, what jobs can you get with a marketing degree?

When you get your marketing degree, you have a wide range of fields and jobs to choose from. Here is an overview of the different jobs you can get with your marketing degree:

1. Marketing Assistant

The best marketing job after degree completion is marketing assistant. You’ll assist marketing managers and executives in day-to-day tasks. The best thing about a marketing assistant is that you can change your career easily by switching to any other marketing field.

This isn’t a specialized marketing job and thus it provides you with several career options.

As a marketing assistant, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Assisting marketing team and marketing manager in marketing activities
  • Report writing and presenting campaign data
  • Organizing, managing, and conducting marketing meetings and presentations
  • Work closely with marketing manager on a daily basis to conduct marketing tasks
  • Conducting marketing research, data collection, data analysis, and reporting marketing data to key stakeholders.

The career path of a marketing assistant leads to the marketing manager and other senior marketing jobs:

marketing assistant career path

If you don’t want to become a marketing manager, you can switch to any other job that you like.

2. Social Media Assistant

You can start your career in social media marketing. It is a rapidly growing sector and getting an entry-level job in social media is easy. If you don’t have relevant experience, a social media assistant is a perfect job to get started.

As a social media assistant, you’ll be managing the social media accounts of the company and assist the social media manager. The key responsibilities include:

  • Create and manage social media campaigns
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Working with marketing and social media marketing team to meet marketing objectives
  • Assist social media marketing manager
  • Measuring and tracking social media progress
  • Reporting campaign results
  • Arranging and managing meetings.

After working as a social media assistant, you can become a social media manager. If you are in love with social media and want to grow your career in this field, you must look for a social media assistant job after completion of your degree.

3. Search Engine Optimization Intern

With an average salary of $54,139 per year, an SEO intern is one of the best jobs you can get with a marketing degree. A search engine optimization intern is responsible for optimizing the website for search engines.

It is a specialized job in a specific marketing niche so you must have an in-depth understanding of SEO, search engines, and how optimization works. Taking an SEO certification will help you land a job quickly and you’ll be able to do a better job.

When you enter the SEO field, there are several jobs that you can go for. SEO intern or trainee is the entry-level job that you must look for to start your career. Then you can go for SEO strategist and other senior-level jobs:

seo jobs

As an SEO intern, you’ll be dealing with the following key tasks:

  • Learning the basics of SEO
  • Understanding SEO tools such as Google Analytics and using them to assist the SEO team
  • Assisting marketing manager and SEO specialist on a daily basis
  • Working with the marketing and SEO team to help them achieve daily tasks
  • Content writing, on-page optimization, and backlinking.

As an intern, you’ll be mostly learning new things and tools. So, this acts as the best job for new graduates who have no experience at all. If you are interested in SEO and want to move ahead in this field, look for SEO intern and trainee jobs.

4. Content Marketing Intern

Content marketing is one of the most used marketing channels today. It is, however, a specific field within the marketing domain so you must start with an entry-level job. Content marketing intern is the best job that you can get with a marketing degree without any experience.

The average salary of a content marketing intern is $29,752 per year which is quite better than other entry-level marketing jobs. This is because content marketing is a leading channel that almost all businesses use.

A content marketing intern has the following responsibilities:

  • Content writing and optimization
  • Learning how to do content marketing and getting used to the content marketing tools
  • Keyword research and competitor spying
  • Curating and publishing content across all channels that the business owns
  • Preparing content for social media
  • Creating and managing the editorial calendar
  • Outreach, design, and promoting content
  • Reporting and sharing progress with the content manager and marketing team.

Here is an example of a content marketing intern job post by Single Grain:

content marketing intern responsibilities example

There are several options that you can explore in the content marketing sector. For example, you can choose a specific niche and grow your career in it (such as SaaS content marketing). Or, you can simply go with the traditional content marketing career path.

5. Digital Marketing Intern

If you want to keep options open and don’t want to choose a specific niche, your best bet is to go for a digital marketing intern job. After working for a year or two, you’ll better understand the marketing space, and you can then choose your field within marketing:

digital marketing intern career path

The average salary of a digital marketing intern is $32,134 per year. This isn’t a bad start especially if you are a fresh graduate. Here is an overview of the key responsibilities of a digital marketing intern:

  • Helping the marketing team with daily tasks
  • Create and manage marketing campaigns
  • Learn and use marketing tools
  • Assisting marketing manager
  • Report generation and managing administrative work.

Since digital marketing covers all the aspects of marketing, therefore, you’ll get a chance to learn a lot of things in this role. For example, if your company is focused on content marketing and SEO, you’ll work in these two fields as an intern. On the other hand, if your company is more geared towards PPC, you’ll learn the ins and outs of digital advertising.

This gives you a better idea of marketing and makes it easier to choose a field based on your interest.


What jobs can you get with a marketing degree depends on your interest. You need to listen to yourself. Choose a job in a marketing field that you are passionate about.

If you are clueless, go for a digital marketing intern or marketing assistant posts as these are the two jobs that will give you a good idea of what you are in love with. You’ll learn pretty much of everything within the marketing space. That’s how you will be able to find your interest.

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