How to Ask Questions on Quora Anonymously

If you are using Quora, you’ll know that it is possible to ask questions anonymously. You don’t have to reveal your identity when you need to hide yourself. There are several instances where you want to stay anonymous. Quora respects your privacy and lets you hide your identity whenever you want. If you aren’t sure how to ask questions on Quora anonymously, keep reading. This article covers all the details.

Why Do You Need to Ask Questions Anonymously?

Before we jump to the reasons, I’d request reading this post on how to ask a question on Quora. It will show you different methods of asking questions on Quora.

One of the ways is to stay undercover and ask a question anonymously.

But why?

Why do you need to hide your identity?

Well, there are several instances when you desperately want to ask a question and seek help from experts without revealing your identity.

For example, you might want to ask a personal question about a condition you are facing such as a breakup, relationship advice, etc. When you ask these types of questions, your identity doesn’t matter. Experts won’t have any issues answering these types of questions.

In all such conditions where revealing your identity might create an issue for you (or someone else), it is best to stay anonymous.

Here is an example:

quora anonymous question screenshot

In this case, revealing identity might create an issue for the user. The employer or a colleague might know his/her intentions. And it might create issues for the poster.

So, if you intend to ask a personal question or refer to a life story or talk about someone else directly or indirectly, it is best to ask questions anonymously on Quora.

You’ll get answers without revealing your name, profile picture, and bio.

How to Ask Questions on Quora Anonymously

Asking questions anonymously on Quora is easy. If you have used Quora, it won’t be an issue for you. Here are the steps to asking questions anonymously on Quora:

Step #1

Sign in to your Quora account and click Add question in the top left corner to add a new question:

quora add question

Step #2

Click Public to see different options to pick from. You’ll see Public, Anonymous, and Limited.

question settings

Here is what these three mean:

  1. When you ask a question as public, other users will be able to see your identity, see your profile, and your question will appear in other people’s feeds.
  2. When asked with limited settings, your identity will still be shown with the question but it won’t appear on your profile and in other users’ feeds.
  3. Questions asked as anonymous don’t have your identity or profile associated with them. 

You can select anonymous to keep your identity hidden.

Step #3

Write your question and click Add question to post it:

add question quora

You have asked a question anonymously.

Can You Still Ask Questions on Quora as Anonymous?

No, you can’t.

You can’t ask questions anonymously on Quora anymore. This feature has been removed.


Because Quora doesn’t show identity with questions anymore. Users can’t identify or see the profile of the person who posted a question. 

This is how questions appear on Quora:

quora screenshot

You don’t see the profile or identity of the person who asked a question. This means all the questions are anonymous by default on Quora now.

However, when you ask a question, it will appear on your profile and people who follow you’ll see it in their feeds. You can select Limited when asking a question to keep your identity undisclosed:

quora question settings

You’ll not see the anonymous feature in questions anymore. The two options you see are public and limited. If you want to ask a question anonymously, select limited.

Things to Consider Before Asking Questions Anonymously

There are multiple things you must consider when you ask a question with limited settings on Quora. Understanding these will help you in several ways:

  • Anonymous questions don’t appear on your profile. This means anyone who is viewing your Quora profile won’t be able to see anonymous questions. But you’ll be able to see questions you have asked with limited settings
  • Asking anonymous questions on Quora reduces engagement and you might receive fewer answers. This is because your question won’t appear in your follower’s feeds. This means you’ll lose a significant number of views and answers
  • Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t ask a question with limited settings. A question that doesn’t receive enough answers is useless. The whole point of asking a question on Quora is to get answers from experts. Anonymous questions fail to love from your followers. In fact, your followers will never know if you have asked any questions or not
  • There is no limit on the number of anonymous questions you can ask. You can add as many anonymous questions as you like without any fear of getting banned or blocked.

If you are OK with these conditions and/or limitations, you can go ahead and ask questions. However, if your primary objective is to boost engagement, generate views, and get answers quickly, keep your question public.

Ask Anonymous Question When It’s Needed

Quora is a great platform. It has achieved the first position in Google for hundreds of long-tail keywords. You might have seen Quora questions and top answers several times on the first page of Google. This means your question might generate organic traffic.

If you want your question to rank in Google and drive traffic, your question needs to be public. This will help you get answers immediately as your followers will be notified of the new question. More answers mean more content and this increases the probability of ranking your question in Google.

Anonymous questions have a lower chance of generating views and answers. Only ask questions anonymously when you don’t have any other option. 

Avoid them if you can.

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