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Personal Story

Jesse Willms, is a Canadian entrepreneur, currently residing in Edmonton. Jesse grew up in Alberta, where he started his first company when he was just 16 year’s old, working after school and on weekends.

He noticed there was often a difference in the prices you could find products for on Amazon and other websites, and the prices on auction websites like eBay. He would then buy products as inexpensively as possible and sell them in the higher priced marketplace. While doing so Jesse taught himself the rules of Internet marketing and learned that he understood better than most people exactly what you needed to do in order to make money on the Internet.

Instead of going off to college like many of his friends, Jesse began to build his own business empire. Shortly after launching his first company, he watched as it became a multi-million dollar success in only a few years.

Jesse is currently involved in a national advertising campaign selling informational products including property and home value reports.
Jesse has additionally been involved in supporting many national and international charities including Kiva, Samaritan’s Purse and the Bissell Centre.