The Importance of Split Testing Websites

Posted by Jesse Willms on September 01, 2010

Jesse Willms - Importance of Split Testing

I’ve talked a good deal about the techniques I’ve used to grow my Internet businesses, but one of the most successful and important techniques I’ve used is split testing.

In fact, you may have noticed that this blog now has a brand new look and new navigation features. That’s all due to split testing, which showed this new format to be popular with the vast majority of my blog readers.

What, you may ask, is split testing? It’s a term that’s thrown around a lot in the Internet marketing world, but not everyone understands how it works.

Split testing is fairly simple. As I’ve said before, you can’t trust your instincts. What you may like may be very different from what the vast majority of Internet users prefer. So for any product, service or blog you want people to read about, you need to create several different versions of your web pages.

Once you have your different web designs ready, you simply have to send visitors to each version and monitor which one produces the best results. Which one causes more people to click through to your interior pages? Which ones keep people on the site the longest? If you are selling something, which one leads to the most sales conversions?

The results will often surprise you. For example, simply changing the color scheme or font slightly can have a dramatic effect on the overall results. But, no matter how weird the results may be, you should trust them – they tell you how the world really works, as opposed to how you would expect it to work.

I’ve grown all of my companies by constantly split testing to get the best results possible. In some cases I’ve run more than three dozen split tests on a single product. But, it’s worth it for the results.

For example, the difference between a 2-percent and 3-percent conversion rate may not seem like much; but if you have 10,000 people a day visit your site, the “slight” change could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional sales.

That’s why I encourage everyone who wants to become an Internet success to constantly split test in order to get the best results for their products and services.

And welcome to the new version of my blog. According to my tests, you’ll probably like it!