Jesse Willms: Volunteering At The Edmonton Mustard Seed

Posted by Jesse Willms on November 04, 2010

jesse-willms-donates-to-mustard-seed-edmontonI just wanted to do an entry to keep you updated on my latest efforts to give back to the community. As you know, during the summer I spent a lot of time trying to find international charitable communities to help partner with on a long-term basis.

Now, however, winter is approaching, and I’ve decided to start focusing my newest charitable initiatives closer to home and start working with some Edmonton based organizations.

I started off with Santas Anonymous and the Bissell Centre, and now I have found a great new organization: The Mustard Seed.

For those of you who have not heard of it before The Mustard Seed helps less fortunate people get food and other essentials so they can live a better life. They are focused on meeting the needs of the poor in the inner city. While it started out as a Baptist organization, it is now open to all faiths.

The Mustard Seed provides free meals six nights a week. It also has a food depot that provides food hampers to hungry people in the inner city who cannot get to their headquarters. Through their Personal Assistance Centre The Mustard Seed also offers household goods, personal hygiene items, clean clothes and work items to those who need it the most. Their goal is to provide people in Edmonton with food and dignity when they need it the most.

I strongly support their efforts and am in the process of finding a way to partner with The Mustard Seed in the long term. In the meantime, on November 4 my staff and I are going to go to The Mustard Seed to prepare and serve a meal to the hungry people who show up.

We are doing so because we want to become a part of the effort to eliminate poverty here at home in Edmonton. And, we want to be personally involved. It’s easy to simply write a check and hope that homelessness and poverty will simply go away. It takes much more effort to actually look poverty straight in the face and do something about it yourself. That’s why volunteering your time is just as important as giving money.

People don’t simply need food in their bellies. They need to know that people care about them. They need to feel like they are part of a large caring community. Human beings are social animals and simply knowing that people who are more fortunate than they are care about them has a major impact on whether or not they fight to pull themselves out of poverty or simply give up on life.

That’s why I support The Mustard Seed and why I hope you will too.

Thank you,
Jesse Willms