Jesse Willms: Legal Action Against False Media Reports (CTV W5 & Penny Auction Watch)

Posted by Jesse Willms on August 05, 2010

Recently I had to file lawsuits against companies that were publishing incorrect and damaging information about me, my company and the products I’ve sold. It’s not something I wanted to do, but it was something I had to do. And, in the future I will continue to sue any company, website, publication or individual that attempts to defame me or the company I have worked so hard to build.

That’s not a pleasant part of doing business – but it is necessary. My most important obligation is to protect my reputation and the reputation of my company. In this day and age, that sometimes requires taking an aggressive legal stand.

Two of the companies I had to sue were PennyAuctionWatch and CTV’s W5 news program because both made erroneous claims about both me and my company. Before I decided to take them to court, I made every attempt to rectify the situation privately and politely. But, ultimately, they left me with no choice but to seek damages. I do this not only to protect myself, but to protect other people and companies who could become victims of smear campaigns and/or unverified libelous statements.

I have also taken legal action against other individuals and companies who have sought to damage my reputation. I will continue to do so in the future. To be absolutely clear, here are the situations where I have and will continue to take legal action:

  • When articles contain partially or completely incorrect information about me, my company or my products, and the writer refuses to write the corrections.
  • If someone says I own a company or website, and I do not. This has happened to me several times.
  • When someone claims they purchased a defective product from me when they really bought it from my competition. This also happens frequently.
  • When someone is spreading rumors about me or my company in an effort to drive extra traffic to their site or boost their Google ranking.

My reputation is valuable, and I have to protect it. No matter how much I may want to simply ignore things that are said about me, I can’t. Otherwise, my business will suffer – and this not only affects me, but also the people who work for me who need to put dinner on the family table.

I wish these situations did not occur. But, they did. So, now I’m bringing out the big guns to make sure I can silence the lies and let people hear the truth.

Jesse Willms