Jesse Willms: The Importance Of Leadership For Your Company

Posted by Jesse Willms on June 07, 2011

True success in business is the result of many pieces of a larger puzzle all coming together the right way. While each piece is important, there is one that is paramount – company leadership.

Without the right leadership, no organization can thrive. In fact, you could have the best products or services in the world – but if you don’t provide the right leadership to your employees, your company’s success could quickly deteriorate.

On the other hand, with the right leadership you can soar to the heavens – even if people have issues with your products and services. Consider the cases of Microsoft and Apple.

Both companies have had to weather long storms of customer complaints. Bugs have long plagued the Windows operating system – and customers openly voiced their disapproval when Vista was launched.

Yet, through the leadership of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Microsoft has continued to thrive, innovate and maintain company value despite ongoing customer concerns.

Apple has also experienced similar problems. The long awaited iPhone 4 ended up not being able to receive signals if you held it with your right hand – something that posed a challenge to many cell phone owners.

Yet, Steve Jobs took control of the situation, found a fix, provided it to customers, and ensured that the problem would not happen again. Despite what could have been seen as a disastrous design flaw, Apple has managed to maintain its reputation as one of the leaders in computers and electronic devices.

It’s hard to imagine that either company would have been able to continue to thrive under these conditions. But, when unwavering leadership is in place, companies can weather any storm.

That is why leadership is crucial. You see, every company will encounter problems along the way. Sometimes mistakes will happen. Your company could be hit by events completely beyond your control.

But when there is a strong leader at the helm, problems become challenges that can be overcome and your business can continue to flourish. Without that leadership, on the other hand, your company is in the cruel hands of fate.

For that reason, you need to make sure that your leadership is unwavering – even in the face of deep and unexpected problems. When your employees and your customers know that you are able to lead, they will continue to put their trust in you.

That trust will get you through nearly any situation, so that your company can conquer adversity and live to profit another day.