Jesse Willms: Running For The Kidney Foundation Of Canada

Posted by Jesse Willms on January 20, 2011

This June, my team and I will be participating in the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair, where I’ll run a 10k race in a pair of underwear in order to raise awareness for prostate, testicular and ovarian cancer. But, that’s not the only run I’m going to do this year.

While the run I’m going to talk about today isn’t anywhere near as outrageous, it’s just as important. On May 1, my employees and I will be participating in the 5k Give The Gift Of Life Fun Run for the Northern Alberta branch of The Kidney Foundation Of Canada.
Like all of the runs I’ve participated in, this one is for a very good cause and I hope this blog post inspires others to join us.

Did you know that 250 Canadians die every year waiting for a transplant? Right now over 4,000 Canadians are on the waiting list for a transplant, and of those more than 73% are awaiting a kidney transplant. The Kidney Foundation Of Canada works to help everyone who needs a transplant get one. They try to increase the number of people who are willing to give a kidney – the only organ you can donate while you are still alive.

Kidney cancer can strike anyone – but it’s also possible to help save victims’ lives. You don’t have to give an organ to help; just by giving money or participating in an event to raise awareness helps them meet their goals. The cost of raising money is one that particularly challenges important non-profit groups. For example, the foundation estimates that it costs them about $50,000 in order to raise $175,000.

But, the cost of raising money can be greatly reduced. Every time you tell someone about The Kidney Foundation Of Canada, you are generating free word of mouth advertising for them. That’s the reason I’m both participating in the run and talking about it on this blog. I want people to know about The Kidney Foundation Of Canada. I like spreading the word about organizations that do good work. I’m willing to do anything I can to help them out. So, on May 1 you’ll see me running my heart out in support of kidneys! If it helps save even one life, it will be more than worth it. Hope to see you there!