Jesse Willms: Proud To Support John Cutler’s Flight Plan Coaching Program

Posted by Jesse Willms on February 28, 2011

I believe that children are our future. Yes, I know that’s corny, but sometimes even cheesy 80s ballads can make a point. That’s why I’ve decided to donate money to the Flight Plan career coaching and mentoring program for teenage students. Through the program I’ll be sponsoring 10 students. This is important because Flight Plan gives students the tools they need to succeed in the real world when they graduate. It is provided by a Focal Point Business Coach created by Brian Tracy.

That’s a problem with our current educational system. It does a great job teaching reading, writing, math and history. What it doesn’t do is give students the tools they need to find out what kind of job would be right for them, and what they would need to do now in order to develop the skills they will need to get the job.

The Flight Plan service fills in the gap and gives students the chance to soar and realize their dreams. In other words it teaches them how to become success stories – even in today’s troubled economy.

Each sponsored student will get access to the following mentoring and coaching materials:

• An online career planning insights assessment – an invaluable tool that provides potential career paths the individual should consider based on their behavioral style.
• An educational video explaining the assessment and how to apply the reported results in their life.
• Access to the Flight Plan: Graduation & Beyond, a 60-minute, life-changing presentation. Topics include how changing your thinking can change your life, the power of choice, and how to construct written goals effectively and consistently.
• Weekly, on-going educational, and motivational follow-up support through social media from their coach to hold the students accountable on their path to success.

These types of programs are very important – and not just because they help students become employed down the line. Proctor & Gamble recently did a study of students who were enrolled in coaching and mentoring programs. They found out that these students were 46 percent less likely to do drugs, 27 percent less likely to drink, 33 percent less likely to get into fights and 53 percent less likely to skip school.

That’s a real accomplishment – and one that we should celebrate. It’s also a cause that deserves our full support.

As business owners, we have to keep looking at the next generation. They will be our co-workers, our customers and our competition. I am glad to do what I can to help them succeed in life.

I hope you will consider doing the same.