Jesse Willms: Proud To See William and Kate Support The Fire Ravaged Slave Lake Community

Posted by Jesse Willms on July 11, 2011

Last week, along with many members of the Edmonton community, I was proud to see Prince William of Wales and his new bride Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, pay a visit to the fire-ravaged Slave Lake community.

As many of you know, in mid-May a terrible fire engulfed Slave Lake.  More than 7,000 residents had to flee the community. In some parts of Slave Lake, as many as half the homes were destroyed by flames.


Since then the Edmonton community has come together to do what we can for our friends and neighbors in Slave Lake, who were left homeless or saw part of their community be destroyed.

I’m glad that William and Catherine – who will one day be our honored King and Queen – saw the importance of our community’s plight and chose to come here and show their support for Slave Lake.

They spent the day meeting with the Canadian Mounted Police, members of the fire brigade and local residents who had seen their lives turned upside down by the fire.

These types of actions are important because they help focus the attention of the world on this tragedy. They make it easier for the Red Cross and other charitable organizations to raise funds to help people who were affected by the Slave Lake fire.

Coming here also shows that the Royal Family still respects all of its citizens – whether they are in London, Sydney or in a land north of their former colonies. Some people may debate why royalty still exists in this day and age; I say that this visit shows just how important the House of Windsor remains.

I have been a fan of both Prince William and Duchess Catherine since before they were married. For a time after Prince Charles’ divorce and the tragic death of his former bride, Diana, it seemed like the royals were becoming more and more distant from their subjects.

But in William and Kate I see a return to the values and connection with the common people that marked the Royal Family before Prince Charles was a cad to the former Diana Spencer.

Catherine was once one of us – a member of the common people. Some day she will be Queen.  And when she ascends to the throne, she will bring with her the life she has led and help elevate us all.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine, on behalf of the entire Edmonton community, I thank you for your visit to Slave Lake. You have honored us – and, in return, we will do our best to honor you.

God save our future King and Queen.