Jesse Willms: Organic Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Jesse Willms on December 07, 2010

Jesse Willms - Search Engine Optimization 2

For those of you who are new to online marketing, let me briefly explain search engine optimization. When people go to Google to find a site that sells a certain product or service, they type in keywords and get a bunch of results. In general, they tend to go to – and then purchase from – the companies that have the highest ranking, simply because it’s the quickest and easiest thing to do.

Now, there are many ways to improve your search engine rank. For example, you can get people to link to your site. Also, another way is to have the keywords people use in their searches to appear in the content of your site.

If you can achieve a keyword density of roughly 2.5 to 5 percent, your site should naturally start to rank high enough for people to visit it and purchase from you. Remember, you want your site to be user friendly. Repeating a word continuously will not read naturally to the visitor, and will irritate the reader.

However, some Internet marketers know this and try to take advantage of it. What they will do is use popular keywords that have nothing to do with their products or services, simply to get a higher search engine rank. This won’t work effectively.

It would be like if I simply put the words, “Wikileaks,” “Princess Kate,” “Christmas presents,” “iPad,” “Sasha Grey nude” and “hot girls” into this blog over and over again, simply because I know people are currently using those search terms a good deal these days.

People who are searching for “IPads” or “hot girls” aren’t looking to purchase from your online business. As I’m sure you know from experience, people get mad when they click on a link they think relates to their search only to find out it really doesn’t. It is simply a waste of time for you and for the internet users. You may have site traffic, but that traffic is not going to turn into a sale.

For example, imagine you search the word “IPad,” however you land on a site selling shoes. This not only frustrates consumers, but it leaves a bad taste in their mouth and I highly doubt they will come back to your sight when they want to buy shoes!

This is just my opinion on how to drive sales to your new business. Using proper Search Engine Optimization Techniques. Now, excuse me while I search for the latest news about Kate Middleton and Wiki leaks!

Happy Googling!