Jesse Willms: Honored By The Alberta Cancer Foundation

Posted by Jesse Willms on August 05, 2011

It’s been a little while since I last talked about my philanthropic endeavors. For a while I felt like I was writing about it too much, and wanted to spend more time writing about business and world affairs.

But, I just received a letter from the Alberta Cancer Foundation that has really made me feel proud. It seems that the foundation is going to honor my company with a place on their donor wall!

I’ve always been a supporter of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. In fact, earlier this year a few of my staff participated in the Underwear Affair fundraiser, where they all hit the track in their undies to help raise awareness. And this year my company and I have donated $5,200 to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, because we believe in the good works they provide the community.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation dedicates 70 percent of their disbursements to cancer research. That’s important, because it helps medical professionals find new ways to treat cancer – and helps us get closer to finding a cure.

They are in charge of all of the Alberta Health Services cancer centers, including the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, Grande Prairie Cancer Centre, Central Alberta Cancer Centre (Red Deer), Medicine Hat Cancer Centre, and Jack Ady Cancer Centre (Lethbridge) as well as 11 community cancer centers.

They are working night and day to help diagnose cancer early, when it can still be treated with the least invasive methods possible. They help raise awareness of the dangers of cancer so that people go and get their early screenings. And, they provide the highest level of cancer treatment available in Alberta.

I can think of no greater goal than fighting cancer. This is a disease that can strike any of us at any time. Whether you are young or old, male or female, black or white, cancer does not discriminate.

Over the years, researchers have made great strides in the fight against cancer. While at one time cancer was an automatic death sentence, today millions of people survive. That’s entirely due to the hard work and dedication of organizations like the Alberta Cancer Center. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to make strides against this disease – but the outcome is worth it.

You need to remember that organizations like the Alberta Cancer Foundation are able to exist because of donations from you and me. They need our support. That’s why I am happy to have donated my time and money, and I encourage everyone reading this to do the same.

With our help, organizations like the Alberta Cancer Foundation are well on their way to finding the cure!