(Conclusion) Jesse Willms: Volunteering At The Edmonton Mustard Seed

Posted by Jesse Willms on November 15, 2010

Last week I posted in Jesse Willms: Volunteering At The Edmonton Mustard Seed that I was planning on heading out with my staff to The Mustard Seed in Edmonton in order to help prepare and serve a meal to needy people in our inner city.

jesse-willms-mustard-seed-washing-potatoesI’m happy to report that the event went well. I was put on potato washing duty and then later on  helped serve salad to the more than 300 hungry people who came down to the Mustard Seed in search of a hot meal. When dinner was over, I also helped clean up the kitchen.

If you remember, The Mustard Seed is a local humanitarian organazation that seeks to provide hope to people facing poverty in Edmonton. They serve up hot meals six nights a week and also provide clean clothes, personal hygiene items and work items for people who need it.

The Mustard Seed was started by a Baptist church but now it is recognized and supported by members of all major faiths in the Edmonton community.

I was there for almost four hours, and while it was a lot of hard work, it was more than worth it. I was deeply impressed by how hard the people at The Mustard Seed work to help their fellow man.

jessewillms-serves-saladMany of the people who come to The Mustard Seed for dinner are suffering from mental health issues and addictions. Yet, they were all very nice and respectful. More than half of the people who depend on The Mustard Seed are members of the working poor, a fact that devastates me.

Can you imagine working hard every day to make a living and still not ending up with enough of a paycheck to feed yourself or your family? This is why we need to work hard in order to lift wages and make poverty a distant memory.

The Mustard Seed does everything they can with the resources at their disposal. But they need people like us to provide them with as much of our time and money as possible. There are many hungry people out there who can’t get to The Mustard Seed themselves to get a nice meal.

jesse-willms-at-mustard-seed-mopping-floorThe staff does their best to help these people by providing them with food hampers. But, those hampers only contain enough food to feed someone for two days. And, at their current staff and funding levels, The Mustard Seed can only deliver one food hamper a month per person who needs it.

These people deserve our support. I know that this is not going to be the only time I go there to try to help feed people. I am sure that I am going to continue to tell people about the good work of The Mustard Seed.

If you are a local person or business in Edmonton, I strongly urge you to get involved and help The Mustard Seed. They help our neighbours, and helping them do this is the least we can do.

Thank you Mustard Seed,
Jesse Willms