Jesse Willms Adopts Five Dolphins

Posted by Jesse Willms on October 27, 2010

Jesse-Willms-DolphinSo for my other charity donation for the week, I found something really cool- Adopting a Dolphin with the Ocean Conservation Society.  Part of my donation will go directly to dolphin research and learning about the threats they encounter so we can ensure their survival chances. We all know from recent media reports that dolphins have been endangered, especially from Japanese dolphin hunters, which regularly trap and slaughter hundreds of dolphins.

The five dolphins that I have adopted are named Ninamon, Nico, Mozaa, Melmon and Eos, and soon I will have an adoption certificate and an information sheet which I will post on my blog. I know their names because these five dolphins are just some of the dolphins that that the Ocean Conservation Society has distinctly and individually identified.

Anyways that’s all for now, I just wanted to share this with you because I thought it was a really fun cause to support. Who knew you could adopt a dolphin!

Jesse Willms Adopts Dolphins