Google PPC Success

Posted by Jesse Willms on August 03, 2010

Sherwood Park is a small but growing community on the outskirts of Edmonton, Alberta.  This is where I started my online advertising business.  Quicky, it’s product line grew to be among the most dominant in the industry due to some simple techniques I learned using Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Google Adwords worked immediately, and the amount of traffic I was getting to my offers in the first few weeks was amazing.  I had previously only employed affiliate networks to provide traffic, but the inclusion of Adwords in an in-house controlled marketing effort immediately paid off.  The business went from the dark ages of advertising to the renaissance in an instant.  We were suddenly able to build out split tests on our web pages to provide the highest quality user experience while still maintaining the page integrity, and decent conversion rates.

Jesse Willms - Google PPC Success

Millions of searches are being performed right now on Google, many of them for your particular product niche.  PPC through Google Adwords is one of the fastest and most flexible ways to get valuable eyes onto your webpage.  PPC does require constant care and attention; your adwords campaign must be constantly tweaked and monitored for maximum profitability.

The PPC ads on Google are essentially an ongoing real time auction where you bid on your keywords for which you want your ad to appear against other people vying for the same space. If a search is performed on your keywords, yours, and your competition’s ads will appear in the sponsored links. The placement of your ad is determined by who bids the most and whose ad copy is the most relevant to the searched keyword. If your ad is the ad that is clicked by the user, you pay Google the amount of your bid.

But I caution newcomers to PPC and Google Adwords:  Be realistic, traffic will come, but you need to be patient.  Most new users of PPC will have several failed campaigns before they’re able to find that seemingly magic combination that brings them the high volume of traffic their business is looking for while still being able to maintain tight advertising margins.

Additionally a strong PPC campaign has no direct effect on your organic listing; however the indirect effects can be utilized in a most effective manner. By creating a strong PPC campaign, you will collect data on which keywords have the highest click-through rate and are most relevant to your product. This information can then be levied to bolster your organic presence on these words and phrases.

By effectively managing all aspects of your PPC campaign you will be able to take much of the guesswork and stress out of running a successful offer online.