Jesse Willms: We Believe Our Business Practices Are Compliant With The Law

Posted by Jesse Willms on May 17, 2011

Jesse Willms: We believe our business practices are compliant with the law and are working to resolve this disagreement with the appropriate government agencies. Our companies give consumers the opportunity to buy a variety of products and services at significant savings. Our business is based on the loyalty and longevity of our customer relationships. For example, we are proud to report that a large percentage of our customers continued to use our products after twelve months of use – a tremendous achievement given the global competition in the Internet marketplace. This loyalty, in part, is earned through compliant business practices and disclosures that are both clear and conspicuous.

We take compliance very seriously, and have worked closely in that regard with our lawyers, including James Kaminski, a Washington, D.C. lawyer who previously served as an attorney for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Mr. Kaminski is now leading our discussions with the FTC as we try to resolve this matter quickly and amicably so that we can continue to focus our energies on providing our customers with best-in-the-industry deals.

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