Big Brothers/Big Sisters Of Canada – It’s About The Future

Posted by Jesse Willms on August 10, 2010

I’m going to take another break from writing about my thoughts/ideas on Internet Marketing to talk about what I believe to be an important cause.

I’ve said before that I think children are our future. As the song goes, “teach them well and let them lead the way.”  That’s why nearly all of my charitable donations have been centered on helping organizations that make a difference in the lives of children both nationally and internationally.  One of the most important and successful of the organizations I support is Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Canada.  I cannot say enough about the good work these dedicated people do for our community.

Jesse Willms Donates to Big Brothers Big Sisters

The biggest challenge faced by children in poverty or other at-risk situations isn’t financial – it’s the negative influences that can steer them into the cycle of alcohol, drugs and crime.  Children are impressionable and the villains of the world know this.  Left unchecked they will tempt children into gangs, drugs, prostitution and other criminal forms of making “easy money.”  They will convince children that education is a waste of time because the odds are stacked against them anyway.  Many children in poverty lack strong role models.  When all the adults they see in their community are living off the welfare system or engaged in crime or addiction, it can seem that this is the only life path available to them.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters breaks this cycle. Their volunteers go into the community, partner with at-risk youth and provide them with a positive role model to counteract all the corrupting influences of the “street corner boys.”  By doing so they demonstrate to these children that there is another way – and that they can get out of the cycle and make the right choices that will lead to a better life. When young people realize that crime, despair and addiction are not their only options, a whole new life is opened up to them.  School becomes more important.  They channel their aggressions into healthy outlets like sports, music, and art instead of violence.

In short, one by one, step-by-step, Big Brothers/Big Sisters helps change communities and works against all of the negative peer pressure and temptations of the world.  That’s why they have my support and should be commended for the good work they do.